Senbei feat. Buddha G, C.W. & Jeimil - Social Tool (Remix)

Takin’ the time creating a rhyme, the weight on my mind is breaking my spine. Painful at times when straining to find a faithful design when hatefulness shines. / On the microphone to boycott Arizona. Faux pas? No mas. Voice box sharing cold cuts. / S-to-the-O-C-I-A-L Tool-to-the-know that I speak hell-heaven-earth in verses-sermons, earthlings hurting: I preach brail… / Feel me, touch all the work that I’m doin’ as I clutch on a beat, go berserk, act a fool and question what I’m reppin’ for a second, bless the session with a message to masses whether church or a school. / Not an institution though…accredited? No. A song for restitution sewn in semblance of flow. / Academies teach a Master’s degree will radically cease the tragic in me. That’s fallacy, see? A callous decree. The palace is clean and chalice is sweet. / And the more you speak conformity, they’ll keep you safe and tempt ya… but the road to purgatory’s often paved with great intentions. / Broken homes are faceless. Message? “Grab your freedom; own it, fight this homophobic, racist, sexist, classist, xenophobic life…”